If you use a high quality material, keep up with your maintenance, and have an expert fence contractor install your fence, the chances of you requiring a fence repair decrease significantly. Fences are a structure that have to be durable as they are always exposed to the elements. Weather can affect fences in different ways depending on the material. Wood fences are the most vulnerable to mother nature as they are an organic material. While there are many preventative measures you can take, sometimes the elements might just get the better of your wood fence.
Constant exposure to water and groundwater can potentially cause a fence to rot and crumble. Depending on how the fence is built, strong winds can lead to your fence being blown over. This is due to the fact that wooden fence designs typically don’t allow for wind to pass through them. This causes the fence to resist the wind and lead to it toppling. Another element that people overlook is sun exposure. If your fence is not protected correctly, over time your wood can dry out which can cause it to crack and weaken. The sun can also cause the colour of the fence to fade if it is not protected correctly.

Sometimes damage can occur that is out of your hands. A neighboring tree may fall on your fence, vegetation and roots can grow through a fence, animals and rodents can scratch a fence, and us humans can vandalize it as well.

Whatever the case may be, there is usually an economical way to repair your damaged fence. If a fence panel is properly in place but not standing properly upright, this could be the result of a damaged post that may no longer be supporting the weight of the fence. A job like this may be fairly straight forward as it may be a simple repair of re-seating or replacing the post. 

If the fence itself is standing well but has damaged planks or panels, replacing the damaged pieces may be the solution. In some cases, it may actually be more economical to replace the whole panel itself. Our fence repair experts will assess the damage with you to make sure we find the best solution for you.

For fences that are made of aluminum, iron, or steel, have a less chance to be damaged from the elements as they are a stronger material. Most metal fences are made of rails so wind is usually not a factor. Even a metal privacy fence will be solid enough that only outlier levels of wind would be able to knock it down. The sun is usually not able to damage metal fences as it does not get hot enough in the pacific north west to warp of melt the material itself. 

Water is the one element that can cause significant damage to a metal fence and it can cause rust which will make the material brittle. You need to make sure your metal fences are coated with a protective solution to ensure it does not rust. Rust can be a tricky thing to stop but we are able to still prolong the life of your fence even if rust shows. Metal fences are still immune to larger level damages such as a tree falling or other human error type of events.

Repairs on metal fences tend to be a little trickier if cutting and welding is involved. Our team is experienced in repairing all types of fences and will work with you to make sure we find the most economical solution to your problem. At times it may seem like just a small repair is required but in reality, replacing a larger portion may make more sense in the long run. If you have a fence that is in need of a repair or was damaged from the weather, give our team a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your job.