Whether you are looking to complement the fence or wall that you have recently installed or are looking for a stand alone solution, Fencemaster is the one to call for any gate installation projects. Regardless of the type of gate you are trying to install, our team has you covered.

Gates can be used in both residential and commercial settings. You might have a business that needs to have top notch security or maybe you are just looking to add a bit of extra privacy and protection to your home. There are many different types of gates we can install and we’ll find the best one for your property. The majority of the gates we work can also be installed as automatic/motorized gates as well.
The common types of materials for gates requested by our clients are as follows:-Wood Panel
-Wrought Iron
-Galvanized Steel

Wooden gates are the most popular choice for home owners as it is an easy material to work with and with the different types of options available, it can easily fit into most landscapes. Wooden gates also have a number of different styles and finishes you can go with which really gives you a wide range on the budget side of things as well.
You could opt to go with pine as it can give you a modern look with the correct finish applied. Pine will require more regular maintenance and can become weaker over time as its exposed to the outdoor elements. Or you can go with our preferred option which is cedar as it is a naturally durable wood material.
When it comes to styles, you have many options to choose from: curved tops, straight tops, sliding gates, swinging gates, driveway gates, vertical gates, horizontal gates, steel frames, and many more. Our team of gate installation contractors will be able to work with any project you may have and make any space work.

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Metal gates are more commonly seen with our commercial clients but there are decorative ways to have metal gates as well. Strength and security come to mind when you look at a metal gate. A benefit over a wood gate is that a metal gate usually comes with less maintenance work as the materials used are much more durable. A wooden gate should be taken a look at every year or two for overall maintenance while a metal fence will only require some touch ups every now and then.