You don’t realize just how important fencing is to your Vancouver Island property until you replace a tired-looking one with a brand-new ornamental fence. It adds great style and elegance almost instantly to any home or commercial premises. That’s why ornamental fencing in Victoria has withstood the test of time.

Many hundreds of years ago, European blacksmiths worked tirelessly on beautiful wrought iron fences for the wealthy. However, there are very good reasons why many people still choose them today, despite all of the other cheaper types of fencing available on the market.

By combining modern manufacturing methods with the blacksmith’s craft, our ornamental fencing not only beautifies Victoria properties; it also protects them.

An ornamental fence from Fencemaster is ready to stand up to all the elements without problems like rot, warping, or sun-fading that affect some fences
Corrosion-Resistant -Very important with the amount of precipitation and humidity Victoria gets throughout the year

Protective – Secures the perimeter of your property and wards off potential intruders as they are usually made tall and difficult to climb

Low Maintenance – A coat of paint every couple of years will get your fence looking as good as new

Value-Adding – First impressions matter with properties and ornamental fences can increase the value of your house if you’re considering selling in the near future
An ornamental fence is easy to install and, once in place, will continue to beautify and guard your property for years to come. Think of your  ornamental fence as a long-term investment that also provides striking and immediate benefits.